YotelPAD Miami, a 31-story hotel/condo project, is currently under construction in Miami’s downtown urban core at 227 NE 2nd Street. Stantec is providing all-inclusive architecture, interior design, and engineering services for the project.
Aria Development Group, an investment and real estate development company based in New York and Miami, together with its partner, AQARAT, one of Kuwait's leading real estate companies, celebrates the start of the construction of Yotelpad Miami.
Aria Development Group, a New York and Miami-based real estate investment and development company, along with joint venture partner, AQARAT, one of Kuwait's leading real estate companies, has announced that YOTELPAD Miami is now 50% sold just six months after launching sales in June 2018. OneWorld Properties led by Peggy Olin is the exclusive sales and marketing team for YOTELPAD Miami. The mixed-use hotel and residential development, which will be the first YOTELPAD on the East Coast, is located in Downtown Miami and is slated for completion in early 2021. The development’s attractive short-term rental options without any restrictions and leaseback program offer owners flexibility. More than 40% of YOTELPAD Miami’s buyers are investors from Mexico and China with a substantial amount of investors also coming from Argentina, Colombia and other South American markets.
The next wave of Downtown living is here at YOTELPAD Miami.
Among the new developments benefiting from the dense populous of downtown Miami are Okan Tower, Paramount Miami World Center and YotelPad. ... When complete in early 2021, YotelPad Miami, located at 227 NE 2nd Street and developed by Aria Development Group, will feature 222 hotel rooms. Above them will be 231 residential units, ranging from 417-square-foot studios to 708-square-foot two-bedroom units.
“The building’s architecture consists of two distinct elements separated by a lush amenity deck on the 12th floor,” said Jennifer Llop-Noy, project manager with Stantec’s Miami office. “The bottom portion of the building features a simple, yet elegant geometric design for the hotel, while the top half of the structure boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies rising above the deck for the residences giving the overall composition a more dynamic look.”
Yotelpad building is now under construction in Miami, becoming the latest building to break ground without a parking garage.
The YotelPad condo and hotel project has broken ground in downtown Miami, marking the trendy hospitality brand’s first condo on the East Coast.
Located at 227 NE Second St. in Downtown Miami, residences at the 30-story project start at around $300,000 and owners are able to rent out their units short-term through Yotel’s in-house rental program, AirBnB, or any other service, or of course rent them out longer term with a traditional lease.
Aria Development Group Principal David Arditi: Robotics are becoming more common in residential and hospitality projects — just take a look at our robot butler, Lulu, at YOTELPAD Miami. We recognized how much excitement robots generated at other YOTEL projects around the world, and we thought this would be a great addition to Downtown Miami. We see these robots like we see our other technology: an innovative element that doesn’t go too far. With the ability to make deliveries and help guests and tenants, they act as an extension of the staff and are a fun, unique way for people to engage with technology.
"We are the only sales development in the country that is offering the amenity of this robot. With this amenity, we attract young professionals, domestic and international buyers looking to live and invest in our brand, "said Peggy Fucci, president of One World Properties, the project's real estate agent.
Aria Development Group and AQARAT are building YotelPad, a hotel and 208-unit condo building in downtown Miami with zero rental restrictions. Buyers there are free to rent their units out themselves, on websites like Airbnb or through the Yotel program. (If they do use the building’s management system, owners would have to commit to a set period of time.) “It was definitely an intentional differentiating factor,” said David Arditi, a principal at Aria. “It’s something buyers find appealing.”
Set to open in late 2020, YotelPad Miami is being developed by New York-based Aria Development Group and joint venture partner Kuwait Real Estate Company (AQARAT).
“Everyone loves the service component [at luxury projects] and we always asked ‘Why is it only reserved for the very high end? Why can’t we bring it down a notch?’” David Arditi, founding principal of Aria Development Group, said. He said that after surveying the millennial market, the top priority was package delivery, so 24-hour package lockers will be provided at YotelPad.
There are also models like YOTELPAD Miami’s, which takes a proactive approach to the inevitable leasee-turns-landlord dilemma. The downtown condo community is the first in the city to allow short-term rentals without restrictions. “We've heard many stories of residential buildings having to deal with owners who are trying to skirt local legislation by renting out their units on a short-term basis,” said David Arditi, founding principal of Aria Development Group, the developer of YOTELPAD Miami. “They are typically not allowed to do so given condominium association and zoning restrictions. We thought, why not do something that addresses this head on and gives people the option to do what they are asking for?” It’s also a major marketing point for the brand, as it offers potential condo buyers an added revenue stream — not to mention more flexibility in their properties. “We believe the short-term rental option was something the market was seeking but was not being addressed adequately,” Arditi said. “The profile of buyers in the Miami market is largely non-local. Whether they are absentee owners or investors, there’s a strong desire to have the ability to rent units on a short-term basis. It creates maximum flexibility for the owners. People can use their apartment every day if they want or can rent it out 365 times a year, and everything in between.”
One of the most eccentric, innovative and creative amenities arrives at YOTELPAD Miami residences .. Designed and developed by the robotic company, Techmetics, the new service-oriented robot will work with employees, providing services and making deliveries to 231 PADs (residences) and 222 cabins (hotel rooms) and is strategically automated to interact with humans.
In between deliveries, you'll find one of these robots hanging out in the lobby where you can ask it questions. They can also play music and dance, or rather, move, with you. The Boston location already has one, Singapore has two, while a new Miami location, YotelPad (pictured), a mixed-use condo/hotel property, will offer one in the hotel when it opens in 2020.
One of the most innovative and creative amenities arrives at the residences of YOTELPAD Miami. Aria Development Group, developer of YOTELPAD Miami, welcomes the nation's first technological robot butler to the development of residential condominiums in downtown Miami.
The latest robot butlers to grace the hospitality industry will be the two at Downtown Miami YOTEL Hotel and one for the residents of the mixed-use development (the country’s first robot for condo residents). These robots will be able to talk, sing and interact with attendees as well as make deliveries any time of day or night as soon as the properties from YOTELPAD Miami open in 2020.
Totally autonomous, the robot moves at a speed of less than 5 km / h and can call the elevator to accompany the guest to his room or take him the room service. It has two compartments in which you can transport drinks, food, gifts, documents or anything else with a maximum weight of 35 kilos. Customers control it through an application, and can be programmed to speak different languages. When it does not have to serve any order, the robot walks through the reception offering sweets, music or conversation. It is expected that in the future it may offer other services, such as informing travelers about their flights in real time, for example.
Miami YotelPad - a building that has not yet finished 30 floors in downtown Miami - will use three robotic butlers to serve guests. These robots do not look like a human being, but are programmed to perform tasks normally assigned to their flesh and blood counterparts: deliver room service foods, play music and even talk.
Condo sales began in May and interest has been strong, said Peggy Olin Fucci, CEO and founder of OneWorld Properties, the project’s broker. Amenities include a gym, bar, pet boutique and private rooftop space for residents only.
“At YOTEL, we’ve always put technology at the heart of everything we do and we don’t just do it for the sake of it,” says YOTEL CEO Hubert Viriot. “To us, it has to be practical and functional and directly benefit either our guests or crew.”
Welcome to the 21st century, where a request for extra towels in your hotel room may be answered by a roughly 4-foot-high purple robot on wheels.
Yotelpad, a 30-story building that's part hotel, part condominium, is employing three robot butlers for guests and residents.  The nearly four-foot-tall purple robots get around on wheels and feature a cute, smiling face on a screen that greets guests as they arrive.
Channel 10 Digi-Short on YOTELPAD Miami robot
Two of the robots will serve condo residents and one will be available for hotel guests. The machines are fully automatic, using digital mapping to travel to and from rooms at about three miles per hour.
Not to be outdone among urban chic, health-focused buildings is YotelPad Miami, from Aria Development Group. Among the vitality-boosting extras the condominium building offers is an on-site matcha bar for use by residents, as well as TransitScreen technology, to show residents how best to get around at any moment.
Located on 2nd Street, YotelPad Miami will be the brand’s first residential offering on the East Coast, courtesy of Aria Development Group and joint venture partner Aqarat (the USA’s first YotelPad is located in Park City, Utah). Its prime downtown location is near Museum Park, Port Miami, Miami-Dade College, and the new Brightline train which connects Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach.
Here, the Stantec-designed project calls for 250 “Yotel cabins” (compact hotel rooms) topped by 215 fully-furnished residential “pads.” These studio, one-, and two-bedroom condominium-style homes start around $300,000 and feature floorplans ranging between 417 and 708 square feet in size.