"This flexibility, paired with its low prices, starting in the $300,000s, made it easy for international and domestic buyers, alike, to make an investment.” David Arditi
The record-breaking YotelPad will bring the future to this city; robots will be taking over this Downtown Miami residence in the form of room service and it will be super-efficient and futuristic. This cosmopolitan sanctuary features 231 residential units and 222 hotel rooms with state-of-the-art fitness center, an organic matcha bar, elevated deck with pool, Skytop lounge featuring game area and chef's kitchen, full-service restaurant and bar, and other amenities for the Miami elite. The 31-story building will be one of the first in the Miami area to offer a robot concierge service.
The 31-story YotelPad Miami, sporting mechanical butlers and 231 micro units, has sold out in 15 months, an indication that condos priced below $500,000 are in demand even in a market with a glut of available units for sale.
YotelPad Miami, a mixed-use project between condominium and hotel that is under construction in downtown Miami, has sold all residential units only 15 months after operations began.
Yotelpad is now going vertical. The 31-story downtown Miami hotel and condo tower has commenced its vertical ascent, photos from last week show.
Construction has begun on a mixed-use hotel and residential development in Miami. Once completed in early 2021, the YotelPad Miami will feature Techi robot butlers capable of delivering beverages, food, gifts, and documents.
Six weeks since our last update, and progress at YOTELPAD Miami has been making steady gains. In particular, the site recently celebrated its first major foundation.
A foundation pour for downtown Miami’s 31-story Yotelpad tower was completed over the weekend, and vertical construction of the tower will now begin.
As the condo market has slowed, project starts have become less frequent. Still, the 31-story YotelPad, a tech-savvy condo hotel in downtown Miami, cemented construction Saturday with 110 cement trucks pouring 1,100 cubic yards of concrete.
Aria Development Group's YotelPad Miami condos, 501 NE 1st Ave., has released the concept for its skytop lounge space and reports it is more than 90 percent sold. 
With more than 95 percent of its 231 units already sold, YOTELPad Miami is ready to begin vertical construction of the 31-story, mixed-use development that will be the first of its kind on the East Coast. Joint venture partners Aria Development Group and AQARAT have chosen Miami-based Beauchamp Construction as the general contractor to bring the luxury micro-unit project—slated for completion in early 2021—to life.
The micro-unit concept is also available in condominium versions. For instance, YOTELPAD Miami’s miniature residences, created by YOTEL, begin at 417 square feet, at prices starting in the $300,000s. That attainable price point is providing opportunity to investors who’ve long hoped to get into the booming business of South Florida short-term rentals, and has enabled the developer of YOTELPAD to outsell other projects in its area.
YOTELPAD Miami, a mixed-use hotel and residential development to be held in Downtown Miami. OneWorld Properties, the exclusive development sales team launched project sales in June 2018 and has become one of the fastest selling projects in the state, with 80% of sales in less than 9 months, and Mexicans are their main buyer with 28%.
Yotelpad residents can use a Techi Butler’s, well face, to enter information and tasks, and acknowledge receipt of deliveries. The downtown Miami location will have three robots roaming its hallways. When it opens, YotelpadMiami will have 231 residential units on floors 15-30, while the hotel will have 222 rooms. There will be an array of open work spaces, a pool, multiple social spaces, fitness center, bar, restaurant, and secure entrances and lobby for condo owners.
The firm (Stantec) has designed numerous prominent projects throughout Florida, including Solitair Brickell; Luma at Miami Worldcenter; YOTELPAD in Downtown Miami; Yard 8 in Midtown Miami; 17 West in Miami Beach; Avalon Doral; and Park-Line in Miami and West Palm Beach.
After officially breaking ground back in February, site prep work at YOTELPAD Miami has now begun in earnest. With heavy machinery on-site, it will not be long now before excavation gets underway in preparation for the rise of Aria Development Group's 31-storey, mixed-use, hotel-condo high-rise in downtown Miami. 
OneWorld Properties, the exclusive development sales team, launched the project sales in June 2018 and has become one of the fastest selling projects in the state, with 80% sales in less than 9 months, and Mexicans are their main buyer with 28%. "The attractive short-term rental options of YOTELPAD Miami, without any restrictions, and its retroactive lease program, offer the opportunity to obtain a return on your investment," says Peggy Fucci, CEO of OneWorld Properties. "By offering units of efficient size, the minimalist product is increasingly popular with buyers seeking affordable prices and Latin American buyers facing the economic crisis in their country."
YotelPad will open in 2021 only steps from MiamiCentral. The transit-friendly tower offers a modern take on hyper-urban living, with 231 residences (a mix of studios, one- and two-bedrooms, starting at $300,000 and rising to $495,000). Besides its train-adjacent location, YotelPad’s other claim to fame is a team of R2-D2-like robots, who take orders and deliver room service to condo residents.
A look at the luxe residential development YOTELPAD Miami speaks to this demand for high-tech homes. The property’s residents enjoy full-time robot butlers—tech-enabled helpers that can bring food and drinks, speak different languages, play music or even just engage in conversation. They also self-navigate and can carry up to 77 pounds each.
YotelPad is an international brand located in Downtown Miami, within walking distance of Miami's best restaurants, famous shopping and malls, such as the new Brickell City Center, and other entertainment venues. YotelPad is a unique design that includes modernity, luxury and comfort. Studio apartments T1 and T2 that can be rented by season, with no time restriction in the area that is most valued in Miami!
Brokers for Yotelpad announced yesterday in a press release that they have broken the sales record for a downtown Miami, becoming the fastest selling project ever. OneWorld Properties, which is leading sales, says that 75 percent of units have now been sold. The project will include 231 residential units and 222 hotel rooms, meaning over 170 condos have been sold. The milestone was achieved in under nine months, with sales first getting underway in June 2018.
The development group building YotelPad Miami closed on a construction loan from Bank OZK for the downtown Miami project. Aria Development Group and AQARAT received a $76.25 million loan from the bank, previously known as Bank of the Ozarks, property records show. The project, at 227 Northeast Second Street, will be a 31-story tower with 231 condos and 222 Yotel “cabins,” or small hotel rooms.
The lender is an Arkansas-based bank.
By offering efficient-sized units, the minimalist product is increasingly popular among buyers seeking affordable prices
“We are thrilled to render our unique integrated services at Miami’s first YOTEL brand,” said Adriana Jaegerman, senior principal in Stantec’s Miami office. “The building’s modern, stylish architecture and sophisticated interiors will make a bold design statement in Downtown Miami.”
This is the first building to sell more than 50 percent of the project in one semester, "at a rate of 18 units per month, setting a record in the US real estate market"
Yotel, known for its “affordable luxury hotels” in New York, Singapore, Boston and San Francisco broke ground on a new mixed-use residential building in downtown Miami. The high-rise’s bottom floors will be made up by hotel rooms and the top floors of the building will be condos. Referred to as “Pads” by Yotel, these condos will be built with apps like Airbnb in mind, as there are “zero rental restrictions” on the Pads, freeing owners to rent out spaces to temporary guests.
The 327,400 square-foot mixed-used asset will include 231 condos and 222 guestrooms. Aria Development Group and Aqarat expect the project to be completed in 2021.
When it opens, YOTELPAD Mammoth will be the third YOTEL property of its kind in the U.S. with YOTELPAD Miami opening in early 2021 and Park City opening in 2020.
YOTELPAD Miami broke ground in Downtown Miami, becoming the first YOTELPAD to open on the east coast of the U.S. The project, developed by Aria Development Group and venture partner AQARAT, is slated for completion in early 2021. The event opened with a moving speech from David Arditi, principal of Aria Development Group followed by Timothy Gordon and Joshua Benaim of Aria Development Group and Peggy Olin of OneWorld Properties.