Posted on: September 4, 2018

The Yotelpad Miami, property of the Yotel chain that combines 222 hotel rooms and 231 residences, has a new robot butler to assist its customers. Techi Butler, developed by the company Techmetics, works together with the staff of the establishment, interacting with the guests and taking what they need to their room.

Totally autonomous, the robot moves at a speed of less than 5 km / h and can call the elevator to accompany the guest to his room or take him the room service. It has two compartments in which you can transport drinks, food, gifts, documents or anything else with a maximum weight of 35 kilos. Customers control it through an application, and can be programmed to speak different languages.

When it does not have to serve any order, the robot walks through the reception offering sweets, music or conversation. It is expected that in the future it may offer other services, such as informing travelers about their flights in real time, for example.

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