A Robot Butler Serves You: The Latest Innovation At Yotelpad Miami
Posted on: October 1, 2018

One of the most eccentric, innovative and creative amenities arrives at YOTELPAD Miami residences .. Designed and developed by the robotic company, Techmetics, the new service-oriented robot will work with employees, providing services and making deliveries to 231 PADs (residences) and 222 cabins (hotel rooms) and is strategically automated to interact with human beings.

The two-component robot is designed to be able to climb the elevators and is able to deliver orders including: drinks, food, gifts, documents and much more. It is programmed to speak several languages, establish dialogues and play digital documents with music and voice messages. In their free time, the robots will walk through the lobby, interact with visitors and guests, play music and give out sweets.

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