Condo / hotel in Miami with futuristic amenities such as concierge robots is fully sold
Posted on: October 1, 2019

YotelPad Miami, a mixed-use project between condominium and hotel that is under construction in downtown Miami, has sold all residential units only 15 months after operations began.

The joint venture between Aria Development Group and AQARAT, located at 227 NE Second Street, has 231 residential units that vary in size from 417-square-foot studios to two-room apartments of 708-square feet and located in the floors from 15 to 30 in the 31-story tower.

The other 222 units, which form the brand of the Yotel British chain, specializing in hotels in airports and cities, occupy the floors below.

"YotelPad Miami brought what was needed to the market, and to be successful in sales we had to join the local community," said Peggy Olin, CEO of OneWorld Properties, the firm in charge of sales. "Each agent was committed to strengthening the national and international connections of our firm and working tirelessly to create new relationships so that this was a monumental milestone."

YotelPad is scheduled to end in 2021 and will offer futuristic amenities such as guest concierge robots and space-saving furniture designed by Resource Furniture.

"YotelPad Miami is important in relation to downtown Miami diversification," said David Arditi, director of Aria Development Group, in a statement. “It was imperative to get a sales team that understood this and for that reason we joined with OneWorld Properties. They really understand our brand as well as the evolution of downtown Miami. We are very grateful for the work and creativity that your team has shown and we are excited to continue with the new stages of the project.

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