Alexa who? Yotelpad Miami will offer robot butler
Posted on: June 3, 2019
By: inman
The modern hotel-condo combo will provide residents of its new Miami location access to 3 robot butlers
By Craig C. Rowe
Yotelpad is aiming to have more than 60 locations open by 2023. With the help of its robot butlers, like the ones in its soon-to-open Miami location, they might just reach that goal.
Part hotel, part condo, all innovation, YotelPads are all about modern conveniences and reduced living footprints. The projects embody smart interior design and efficiency, integrating aspects oftinyhomeswith urban swank.In theunderwayMiamilocation, Yotelpad partnered with a company calledTechMeticsto roll-out three robotic hospitality robots to assist owners and, of course, add the appeal of futuristic smarts to the marketing literature.TechMetics’ Techi Butlers, as they’re called, come in a variety of form factors, but primarilyresemble rolling mailboxes with animated faces on front-mounted monitors.
The robots are designed with varying payload capacities and designed for “point-to-point” deliveries, such as a taking a package from the lobby to a room on the top floor or delivering a tray of food to a group of people in a lounge. Techi Butlers can use the elevator and interact with guests.
The company has deployed its products in hospitals, hotels, casinos, shopping malls and residential high-rises, but it’s not unlikely that they’ll show up in luxury homes in the near future.
Under the Techmetics’ Core Industries website page, “real estate and facilities management” are mentioned as verticals under R&D.
Yotelpad residents can use a Techi Butler’s, well face, to enter information and tasks, and acknowledge receipt of deliveries. The downtown Miami location will have three robots roaming its hallways.
When it opens, YotelpadMiami will have 231 residential units on floors 15-30, while the hotel will have 222 rooms. There will be an array of open work spaces, a pool, multiple social spaces, fitness center, bar, restaurant, and secure entrances and lobby for condo owners.
Units range from 400 to just over 700 square feet and come equipped with Murphy beds and other clever storage solutions, Nest thermostats,Grohe and Toto bath fixtures, and custom Italian kitchens with Blomberg refrigerators, among other high-end finishes.
Locations are picked for their proximity to transit solutions, nightlife options and corporate work centers.
Located at 227 NE 2nd St. and set to open in 2021, Yotelpad Miami residences will start in the $300s, offering studios, and one-and two-bedroom units.You can use the on-site Techi-Butler to learn more.
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